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Read more: news/world/europe/meet-the-syrian-refugee-who-was-tripped-by-the-hungarian-camerawoman-10497792 Meet the Syrian refugee who was tripped by the Hungarian camerawoman
?news/world/europe/hungarian-camerawoman-filmed-kicking-and-tripping-up-refugees-says-something-snapped-10496159 Hungarian camerawoman filmed kicking and tripping up refugees says 'something snapped'
?news/world/europe/camera-operator-fired-after-videos-show-her-tripping-and-kicking-refugees-in-hungarian-village-of-roszke-10492372 Camera operator fired after videos show her 'tripping and kicking' refugees in Hungarian village of Roszke
The camera operator, Petra L��szl�� worked for the right-wing Hungarian TV station N1TV.Mr Al-Ghadab was carrying Zaid at the time, and fell on top of his seven-year-old child after being tripped. The footage then shows Mr Al-Ghadab turning around and shouting at Ms L��szl�� in disbelief.He has reportedly since seen the video and an additional clip appearing to show Ms L��szl�� news/world/europe/camera-operator-fired-after-videos-show-her-tripping-and-kicking-refugees-in-hungarian-village-of-roszke-10492372 kicking a young refugee girl.Following the incident, Ms L��szl�� was fired from her job and is reportedly under criminal investigation.She has since apologised �� writing in a Hungarian newspaper that ��something snapped in me�� and that her actions were a result of her being ��scared�� because she thought she was ��being attacked��.Mr Al-Ghadab disputed this, saying: ��People would not attack the media because the media were very nice to the refugees.��Thenews/world/europe/meet-the-syrian-refugee-who-was-tripped-by-the-hungarian-camerawoman-10497792 father of four is from Isis-conquered Deir ez-Zor in Syria and was formally a football coach.According to the paper, he travelled from Bodrum, Turkey, to Kos by a dinghy and then through Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria before reaching Germany a couple of days ago. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping wholesale jerseys from china cheap nfl jerseys for women nfl jerseys china cheap nfl jerseys wholesale